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TEEN CIRCUS- the place to clown around and act like ur normal evil selves!
Guilty Pleasure- This is more for me than for you ;)
The Love Doctor- Whether its ur fault or theirs, come tell us ur stories, and hear our advice!
This one is for the boys- dont wet your pants!
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This one's for the girls - I had a lot more fun making this one :)
~Brassed OFF~
"The City of Angels...lonely as I am together we cry." ENTERTAINMENT
You got skills?
School is for nerds- I only go cos my mom makes me!

Sort of UNDERCONSTRUCTION- add it to your fav. and make it ur business to come back soon!!!

Animated Backhoe

Make yourself at home- try not to spill the beer *terrible thing to waste* and remember no smoking in the smoke free zones lol.

Everyone else has a web site these days, so I figured, why not me, too? Truth is i've got a whole week to do absolutely nothing, my friends are all working, and i dont have anything to do so i figured what the hell i'll make a website...

I'll get to the point cos nobody likes those ppl that drone on and on about nothing just to hear their own voice. This site is for you. If your an artist, share you drawings, if your a writer share your stories or poems if your a basketball player share some get the point? it's a place to connect, to exchange, and to salivate over hot celebrities *yes, there is a seperate page for girls and boys...i figured they arent into the same sex symbols ;) but hey those of you who are...that's cool too.* So anyway, check the side of the page where there are links..and get going...oh and one more thing plz comment. and let me know what you think!

Blues Guitar


Go check out the site and then tell me what you think!

What's New?

Here I'll add an entry whenever I make an update to my web site.

8/3/03 - The Whole Freaking thing! Happy Birthday 2 My Site!