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Guilty Pleasure- This is more for me than for you ;)
The Love Doctor- Whether its ur fault or theirs, come tell us ur stories, and hear our advice!
This one is for the boys- dont wet your pants!
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This one's for the girls - I had a lot more fun making this one :)
~Brassed OFF~
"The City of Angels...lonely as I am together we cry." ENTERTAINMENT
You got skills?
School is for nerds- I only go cos my mom makes me!
TEEN CIRCUS- the place to clown around and act like ur normal evil selves!
This one is for the boys- dont wet your pants!
Alright, i'm a girl, i have no clue which celebrities you guys like, except Britney Spears lol .... jk...actually should put up Pamela Anderson .... anyhow here's a starter e-mail me if you have a pic you wanna share or if someone you want up here is missing.... oh and one more thing- try not to drool over your keyboard....

This page is DIRECTED towards guys, but if your a girl and you want to come take a look be my guest....


Cameron Diaz
e-mail me if you want the job of writingstuff by pics

Angelina Jolie



Anna Kournikova *spelling?*


Britney Spears
i dont get it, e/t about her is fake...*shivers* and u guys say girls are hard to figure out...


right next to quaint lol


Jennifer Anniston

Jennifer Lopez



Sandra Bullock


Sara Michelle Geller