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TEEN CIRCUS- the place to clown around and act like ur normal evil selves!
~Brassed OFF~


Guilty Pleasure- This is more for me than for you ;)
The Love Doctor- Whether its ur fault or theirs, come tell us ur stories, and hear our advice!
This one is for the boys- dont wet your pants!
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This one's for the girls - I had a lot more fun making this one :)
~Brassed OFF~
"The City of Angels...lonely as I am together we cry." ENTERTAINMENT
You got skills?
School is for nerds- I only go cos my mom makes me!

No one cares what you think.....until now...

Ever wanna run into your room, slam the door and scream you head off? Turn on the music really loud to fit your mood? Know what cutters most feel like? This is you chance to just let it out.. Try our chat, or if no one is on at the moment leave a message in the forum...I dont care what your thinking from what to wear to when to have sex to what drugs to try just write it out and see if anyone out there really cares what you think.....go on...i dare you...


Is rock n roll dead? Bands like Good Charlotte, Simple Plan, call themselves punk rock, but many people say its just a new form of pop...

The IN crowd

Is it really like it looks on TV...have you been their victim,,are you one of them? Whose right? Is there a right?


Going to school, is a whole day event, then when you get home, there's always two hours worth of homework....most people slack off...why dont they just give up the whole idea?

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