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TEEN CIRCUS- the place to clown around and act like ur normal evil selves!
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You got skills?

Have you got what it takes? Put your work to the test, post it here, let other people comment, see if your really as good as you think..... Not good at anything? Maybe you have a hidden talent try your hand at writing or drawing and see what other people think!

A sunrise; Size=300 pixels wide

On this page, you get to show off. For all you writers out there *me included* just post your stuff on the message board....For the artists, you gotta e-mail me your drawings and i'll post them up on this page then check for comments on the message board....Dont just have to be an author or an artists, if your a musician post your lyrics or leave a link to you band's site...Athletes could leave tips or just brag about their winning shot....whatever it is this is the page where you get to show your stuff and who knows maybe you'll meet someone.....

Hey! Stay informed for different contests, and just sharing selected work...come on it doesnt take much just join our mailing list! enter your name on the top line then your e-mail address and just click go!

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