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Guilty Pleasure- This is more for me than for you ;)
The Love Doctor- Whether its ur fault or theirs, come tell us ur stories, and hear our advice!
This one is for the boys- dont wet your pants!
Contact Me
This one's for the girls - I had a lot more fun making this one :)
~Brassed OFF~
"The City of Angels...lonely as I am together we cry." ENTERTAINMENT
You got skills?
School is for nerds- I only go cos my mom makes me!
TEEN CIRCUS- the place to clown around and act like ur normal evil selves!

If your done looking at my site, and only if your done, then here's some links that i like lol...

This sits sounds a bit lame but its really a source of fun lol

If your an anglophile like me *someone's who obsessed with England* then this is a great place to meet ppl, if your not well this is a great place anyway...just better scan in a picture of urself.

That's it for now.....