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TEEN CIRCUS- the place to clown around and act like ur normal evil selves!
This one's for the girls - I had a lot more fun making this one :)


Guilty Pleasure- This is more for me than for you ;)
The Love Doctor- Whether its ur fault or theirs, come tell us ur stories, and hear our advice!
This one is for the boys- dont wet your pants!
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This one's for the girls - I had a lot more fun making this one :)
~Brassed OFF~
"The City of Angels...lonely as I am together we cry." ENTERTAINMENT
You got skills?
School is for nerds- I only go cos my mom makes me!

Here are some pics i'm starting with, e-mail me if you have any pics your want to share or if i'm missign someone critical ;) lol

there were so many of him, i just closed my eyes and picked one lol

Now Brad Pitt is sorta gross,, but he used to be really really ...........

I love this guy,though i hear he's an ass in real life. But have you heard his accent?

Speaking of accents- Bloody Hell- his is brilliant!

number two *sorry i couldnt help it :)*

its hard to choose i had so many of all these guys...finally i just signed off lol

He's like the sweetest guy lol

this is for my friend, personally i think he's gross

Remember when he played Robin? oh wow.... i loved that movie

number one

I've never seen him in a movie but i'm sure you have....

ok this guys dead, but, i just saw a movie with him in it when he was younger and well.....

Who doesnt fall in love with Tom Cruise at one point or another?

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